Submission Guidelines


All events must take place within the Kern River Valley.

  • Event entries must include a photo or graphic.

  • Event descriptions must be —

    • 30 words or longer,

    • written in normal upper and lower case, or what is called sentence case,

    • written as an event announcement (please, don’t copy and paste a press release),

    • written as an event (vs an ad)  and

    • free of grammatical and spelling errors.

  • We reserve the right to edit or reject any event for any reason.


What makes an event an event? is a community events calendar with events provided by orgs, people and businesses. People define events differently, so for the sake of this calendar and a good guideline for posting events, here is our definition:

An event appropriate to post on this calendar —

  • begins and ends,

  • is held at a physical place and

  • occurs in the Kern River Valley, CA.

And should be special and require some degree of planning and promotion. Particularly for restaurants and stores, be attentive here as a happy hour or dinner specials are not an event, whereas a happy hour with live music is, and a special dinner event that happens only once a year, for example is.


What kind of events can be posted?

The list below is not exhaustive but it provides a good start for the types of events to post on


Food & Drink

Bar Events (trivia night, karaoke, comedy, special events)

Beer and Brewery Events (tastings, pairings, special events, yappy hours)

Culinary Events (demos, cooking classes, new menus announced, openings)

Food Trucks (locations in Howard County)

Wine Events (tastings, pairings, special events)

Dining Specials (½ price wine nights, romantic dinners …)


Arts & Culture

Visual Arts (art gallery openings, classes, art shows)

Books & Reading (author readings, book clubs, literacy training, ESL)

Crafts & DIY (knitting groups, demos, maker faires)

Theatre & Dance (auditions, performances, openings, high school musicals)

Registration, ticket sales and auditions, opening and closing dates only

Music (live music, choral groups, special concerts)



Benefits & Fundraisers (must be an event people, not an online fundraiser such as a Kickstarter campaign)

Classes & Workshops (free and pay-to-attend events)

Club Meetings (all kinds!)

Faith & Spirituality (special events for congregations; open meetings; avoid replicating a church calendar, for example)

Family Fun

Festivals & Fairs (small and large festivals, school craft sales, church festivals)

Food, clothing and toy drives, opening and closing dates only

Game Nights (board games, computer games, gatherings)

Health & Wellness (instructional programs, workshops, drop-in community bootcamps)

Holiday & Seasonal

Meetups & Networking

Pets & Outdoors

Public Meetings (budget and planning board hearings, fire & police events)

Signature Events (special, annual events for local organizations)

Shopping (deals, specials)

Sports & Fitness (races, bike rides, local tournaments, larger games such as playoffs)

Yard Sales






Please don’t post –
  • Board meetings, except for larger public organizations, e.g. CA, BoE

  • PTA, Booster and lower-school activities

  • Sports games, except for local school playoffs in the KRV. 


Note to congregations

We’d love to have your special and bigger events on our calendar. Regular and weekly meetings and worship times are not what we’ll be posting now, though we do encourage you to examine Timely and see if it works for your congregation. 

*Note to schools

For events of appeal to the whole community, such as a high school musical or a holiday craft sale, we’ll list these events. For now, PTA meetings, book sales for students, games and events only of interest to students and parents at a particular school are not events we’ll be listing.


*Note to restaurants

We’d love to see karaoke nights, live music, beer tastings, cooking demonstrations and more. Postings such as half-price wine night and half-price burger night, for example, are ok, particularly if we get a lot of restaurants participating and can create a special category for such events.


*Note to stores

Special shopping nights such as Midnight Madness, Girls Night Out or Photos with Santa and trunk shows fall more in line with “events.” And it’s foreseeable that significant sales events could too, though a “25% off everything in the store” is more commonplace and less a special event.